ES General Information

TCS Elementary


In the elementary program, we love and appreciate the unique creation that is each and every student! We work hard to provide each student with a rich and engaging environment that equips and challenges them academically and that persistently points them to Christ. Our focus is on understanding, as opposed to regurgitation of information, which we accomplish by challenging students to think, ask questions, seek truth, and solve problems.


Elementary School Hours

8:00 am – 2:50 pm.  Early drop off begins at 7:00 am.  We offer an After School Program until 6:00 pm.



The elementary school uses curriculum from Bob Jones University Press. Subjects include Bible, phonics/reading, language, spelling, handwriting (Handwriting without Tears), math, science, health, and social studies. Besides the academic subjects, elementary students enjoy art, computer, music, PE, and STEM.


Class Size

Classes are usually limited to 20 students and the first grade classes have a full time aide.



All Trinity students attend chapel once a week. Chapel is conducted by members of the Trinity Fellowship pastoral staff and/or the Elementary Principal. Chapel focuses on worship and the practical application of God’s Word to our daily lives.


Academic Accountability

Trinity administers the Iowa Test of Basic Skills each spring to grades 2-8. Trinity is accredited through ILCSSACS, and AdvancEd, and is a member of GISA.


Parent Communication

TCS subscribes to RenWeb, a web-based school administrative service that gives each parent a direct link to their student’s homework assignments, grades, progress reports, attendance, and behavior records, as well as school announcements and resource documents. Teachers also communicate through the purple folders which go home weekly and include a newsletter from the classroom teacher. The Elementary Principal communicates monthly or bi-monthly in a newsletter, and meets with parents 3-4 times a year at Coffee with the Principal.


“No” Homework

In elementary, we have a “no” homework policy. Research indicates that there is no academic benefit to homework for elementary students. Yet homework tends to displace four things that we know have academic benefit:  activity, reading for pleasure, adequate sleep, and family meal times. Research also tells us that elementary children’s brains are academically finished by about 3:00. They have been learning and working hard all day, so by 3:00, their brain needs a break so that they can process all of this new information. When the child (and parent) end up in tears, it is likely due to brain fatigue. It is our preference that children go home and run, jump, and play, read good books, sit down for a meal with their family and get plenty of rest.


At Trinity, we support the authority of the parents to make decisions that are best for their children, so homework will be included in RenWeb and extra work may go home from time to time.  Our policy leaves the decision to the parents. We trust you know what is best for your child and the elementary teachers will do their best to work with you.



The goal of our discipline at Trinity is to teach students to do right and to be redemptive in addressing problems. We want to reach the hearts of our students! We define discipline problems by God’s rules. If it is sin, breaking God’s commands, then it is a discipline issue and we address it accordingly with conversations and consequences that will bring correction to the problem and help the student to connect what they did to God’s standards. Everything else, how we “do school”, are simply procedures. The best remedy for procedures that are not followed is to practice them. Practicing procedures make them routine, and routines make our day efficient and productive.


Extra-Curricular Clubs

Chess Club, Running Club, Media Arts Club (MAC) and Art