MS Technology


Description and Overview

TCS provides a 1:1 device program at the middle school and high school levels by issuing Google Chromebooks to all middle school and high school students for use in school and at home.



Our program is designed to place technology into the hands of each TCS student to enhance their overall learning experience both in the classroom and at home. TCS desires to implement the latest and most innovative methods into the classroom to enhance the learning experience for each student. With the increasing focus on technology within our culture, we are striving to ensure each student adequately masters the use of technology by teaching skill sets that focus on responsibility and competency. In order to best accomplish these goals, each student is provided a Google Chromebook that is equipped with e-textbooks, note taking apps and organizational tools.


Why the shift to learning devices and e-books?

We believe the learning experience within the classroom is enhanced by the additional use of technology by both the teacher and the student.


  • Creativity and Innovation — Teachers are given a plethora of resources and tools to keep students engaged throughout the class time as they learn to hear, see and do.

    • Teachers are enabled to write on devices and project directly to TV.
    • Teachers can project textbooks to the screen for enhanced reading experiences.
    • Teachers can provide powerpoints and notes to students.
    • Teachers and students have access to websites for further research in the classroom.
    • Teachers can utilize educational apps to enhance the classroom learning experience.
    • Teachers can provide virtual field trip opportunities in the classroom.
  • Communication and Collaboration Students are enabled to communicate with both teachers and fellow students both within and outside the classroom.
  • Digital Citizenship and PreparationStudents are equipped to utilize the Internet in constructive and responsible ways that contribute to the overall classroom experience while preparing them with skills needed for high school, college and their future workplace.
  • Organization and Accountability Students can take advantage of digital note taking, giving them 24/7 access through cloud based storage in addition to the ability to track grades and progress through RenWeb.


Why Chromebooks?

After careful consideration and research, Chromebooks were selected as the most cost-efficient and effective device for the TCS middle school. Chromebooks are comfortable devices with a full-sized keyboard, light-weight, all-day battery life, and built-in ability to connect to Wi-Fi. Chromebooks start-up as soon as they are opened and update automatically. Many apps are built-in and available for use, and more are available in the Chrome Web Store.


In summary, the Chromebook was chosen because:

  • It functions seamlessly with Google Apps for Education.
  • It has a 6-7 hr. battery life.
  • It boots up in 6-8 seconds.
  • It does not require antivirus software.
  • It updates automatically.
  • It is cost effective and efficient for the school’s intended use.


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What are Google Apps for Education?

Google Apps for Education allow for student work to be backed up through cloud based storage. In addition, these apps allow for communication and collaboration skills to be developed by teacher and student through digital tools for gathering and evaluating information. Google Apps for Education support digital literacy by helping students compose ideas, research information, communicate, create, and collaborate.