Scholarship Donations



TCS Unrestricted Scholarship Fund

Individuals and businesses are encouraged to donate to Trinity Christian School’s unrestricted scholarship fund.  These donations are not only tax-deductible contributions for the donor, they are investments in the lives of students who might not have access to a quality, Christian education without the financial assistance that this scholarship fund provides.


Georgia SSO Tax Program

The Georgia State legislature passed into law the Georgia Private School Tax Credit, allowing individuals and corporations to receive tax credits for their contributions to eligible Student Scholarship Organizations (SSOs).  These programs provide financial aid to students transferring from public to independent schools.

Any taxpayer who will owe Georgia state tax may participate.


For Individuals

  • A single tax payer can contribute up to $1,000
  • A married couple filing jointly can contribute up to $2,500.



  • A C-Corporation can contribute up to 75% of its total Georgia income tax liability


Trinity would like to provide our families the opportunity to designate a portion of their tax liability to the school’s financial aid program.  The funding the school receives from this program will provide support to incoming financially eligible TCS students.  TCS has partnered with Georgia GOAL Scholarship Program, Inc., a state-approved SSO to facilitate the process.


For more information about GOAL, visit the Georgia GOAL Scholarship website.

GOAL Paperless Process to start your contribution.

Pay Online to make a GOAL payment.